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Aged Earl Grey™

A Robust Earl Grey with subtle citrus notes of real bergamot oranges.

Brown Gold® 100% Brazilian

Dark roast with robust, intense flavor. Bittersweet finish, complex body.

Brown Gold® 100% Colombian

Medium roast with hints of caramel and vanilla. Well-balanced finish.

Brown Gold® 100% Costa Rican

Smooth, mellow roast with subtle nutty flavors and a hint of sweetness.

Brown Gold® 100% Ethiopian

Exquisite citrus and delicate green tea notes with a unique floral aroma.

Brown Gold® 100% Peruvian

Toasty smooth, medium body, low acidity, and just a touch of sweetness.

Brown Gold® Variety Pack

Try all your favorite Brown Gold® blends!

Higgins & Burke® Chai Tea

Traditional Masala Chai spices blended with premium black tea leaves.

Higgins & Burke® Chamomile Tea with Mint & Lemongrass

A delicate blend of calming chamomile, uplifting mint and fresh lemongrass.

Higgins & Burke® Earl Grey Tea

The perfect blend of hand selected black teas from Asia, bergamot oil and lemon.

Higgins & Burke® English Breakfast Tea

Full-bodied Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. A robust start to your day.

Higgins & Burke® Green Tea with Lemongrass

Premium Sencha steamed green tea with lemongrass and lemon balm herb.