Introducing the EcoCup™ format

November 24, 2015 realcup Uncategorized

We continue our quest to provide new alternatives and thoughtful approaches to the world we all live in. Our new EcoCup™ format will allow our customers to separate the different sections of the cup and recycle over 95% of what is left. Together, we are helping to create a sustainable journey from the fields that grow our beans and leaves right back to the earth they came from.

We heard you: when our research discovered that our customers loved the convenience of our RealCup® capsules but didn’t like the waste, we put our heads together to create a better format. We are proud to introduce a game-changer in the industry with our new EcoCup™ format. This new technology allows us to give you the high-quality taste you’ve come to expect inside every cup as well as a way to reduce the waste. Your feedback has helped us make every cup matter.


How to Recycle

After letting the pod cool, there are three steps for getting it ready for the recycling bin: Click, Separate and Recycle.

1. Click locate the tab above the embossed arrow on the pod and CLICK.

2. Separate peel away the lid from the outer cup and SEPARATE the lid from the filter.

3. Recycle the outer plastic cup where #6 polystyrene plastic is accepted (check with your local recycling service provider), compost the coffee grounds in your garden or compost bin and place the remaining lid and filter in the trash. EcoCup™ pods need to be separated in order to be recycled.



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