Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us a real question and we’ll give you a real response. The following are some of the more common questions people have about RealCup™ single serve.

Do Higgins & Burke®, Brown Gold®, Martinson® or Marley RealCup™ Singe Serve capsules contain any allergens?
None of the RealCup coffee or tea capsules contain allergens

Does the plastic contain BPA?
BPA is not intentionally added to the plastic cups during the manufacturing process, and according to information received from our suppliers, BPA is not intentionally added to any of the raw materials.

Will a RealCup™ capsule work in a Keurig K cup/ Keurig Vue/Dolce Gusto/Nespresso /Tassimo machine? Do I have to buy a new machine to use the capsules?
RealCup™ capsules are compatible with any brewer using the Keurig® K-Cup® technology. For example these may be branded Breville, Cuisinart, Keurig or Mr. Coffee – although not all models may be compatible. There is a list of compatible brewers on the website. RealCup™ capsules are not compatible with for example Keurig Vue, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, CBTL and/or Nespresso.

How do RealCup™ capsules work/how does the coffee brew?
Please refer to the information that came with your compatible brewer for information on the brewing technology. Only RealCup™ single serve cups have the Flavor Max™ Filter to give you the maximum flavor from your favorite coffees and teas, hence the name. Plus, our single serve cups are compatible for use in your Keurig® K-Cup®* brewer. Sweet. The Flavor Max™ Filter uses non-woven fibres to make sure all the rich flavors, colors and aromas end up in your cup.

What kind of Higgins & Burke® tea is in the capsule?
Higgins & Burke® English Breakfast, Decaf English Breakfast and Earl Grey contain black tea. Higgins & Burke® Green contains green tea. Higgins & Burke® Peppermint and Chamomile are herbal teas and are made from herbs, spices and flowers. They do not contain any tea.

What kind of Martinson® coffee is in the capsule?
All Martinson® products use 100% Arabica Coffee Beans.

What kind of Brown Gold® coffee is in the capsule?
All Brown Gold® Single Origin coffees are made from 100% Arabica Coffee Beans.

Do your flavored coffees contain milk ingredients?
No our flavored coffees do not contain milk ingredients. Only coffee and natural and artificial flavors.

What is the Ethical Tea Partnership that Higgins & Burke® supports?
Higgins & Burke® is proud to support the initiatives of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The ETP supports a better work environment by implementing health & safety programs, providing training on safety issues, providing protective clothing for workers, improving water treatment and availability of clean drinking water and training supervisors and management on equal and fair treatment of workers. For more information, please visit or

Are any RealCup™ capsules affiliated with RFA/Fair Trade, etc.?
Martinson® flavored coffees have 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Coffee beans, and we’ll add more RFA products to the Martinson® coffee lineup in the near future.

Does RealCup™ have any organic capsules?
Three of the Marley Coffee® RealCup™ coffee capsules are organic.

What is the carbon footprint on the RealCup™ product?
We do not have that information at this time. However, our research has shown that our RealCup™ single serve capsule format is a comparable choice to the market leader in terms of environmental impact. We are conducting a life-cycle analysis of our product to help us identify ways to minimize and / or offset the impact on the environment from the single serve format.

How do I store the RealCup™ single serve capsules?
The RealCup™ single serve format is an airtight chamber that seals in freshness regardless of where they are stored but they should be at room temperature at the time of brewing.

What is the filter material used in the RealCup™ single serve capsules?
Our RealCup™ Flavor Max™ Filter uses a special U.S. patented filter material.

What is the shelf life of the RealCup™ product?
The shelf life of the RealCup™ coffee is 15 months from the date of production and for tea 24 months from the date of production. The best before date is printed on the box and individual capsules.

I threw out the box. How do I know if the RealCup™ capsules have passed their expiry date?
Both the box and the RealCup™ capsules are individually date coded.

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