As a world leader in coffee and tea development our focus on sustainability means we care about the communities that produce our leaves and beans. As supporters of the Water Wise Coffee Program, we are contributing to safer water for millions. Click here to see the many ways we help make every cup matter.


As purveyors of many different brands, we take pride in the products we help grow and the quality of the products you enjoy. We have deep knowledge about the origins of our products and the people that produce our high-quality raw ingredients.


Water Wise Coffee is a commitment to improving lives, ecology and economies at origin through water-related projects in Ethiopia. Fact is, water is the foundation of everything we make.


Our partnership with the Ethical Tea Partnership helps us create tea leaves that grow in sustainable areas using ecologically minded considerations.


We also follow the guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance, a non-for-profit organization that helps to conserve biodiversity and improve the livelihoods by promoting and evaluating or globally respected sustainability standards. It`s just one more way we help every cup matter.


Our organic products follow the guidelines of USDA Organic, a group committed to helping organic agriculture grow and thrive through stringent global standards.


The Organic Crop Improvement Associations is one of the world’s oldest, largest most trusted leaders in the organic certification industry. We proudly carry their logo on our organic products to show our support for this nonprofit organization.


Our decaffeinated products use the Swiss Water process to gently remove the caffeine naturally, without the use of chemicals, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive flavour.


Our products also follow the guidelines of the Fair Trade organization, meaning that the farmers that produce our coffee and tea are paid a fair price and that profits are used to invest in schools and reforestation improvements in their communities.


We do all of this because we know that by focusing on these things today there will be a better tomorrow.