The way single serve should taste

Why is it so hard to get a great-tasting cup of coffee or tea with a single serve brewer? Because you haven't tried it using RealCup™ single serve cups, that's why.

What makes us real

It's simple. Only RealCup™ single serve cups have the Flavor Max™ Filter to give you the maximum flavor from your favorite coffees and teas, hence the name. Plus, our single serve cups are compatible for use in your Keurig® K-Cup®* brewer. Sweet!

Not your typical single serve

Unlike other filters, the Flavor Max™ Filter uses non-woven fibers to make sure all the rich flavors, colors and aromas end up in your cup. Inside we put the perfect amount of precisely ground coffee or tea, then we lock in the freshness with an airtight flavor seal. But all you really need to know is it makes single serve taste great!

A real difference you can taste

We're not talking about a subtle difference only coffee experts would notice. With RealCup™ single serve cups you'll be able to brew a cup that tastes exactly like you expect your favorite coffees and teas to taste. That's just how we roll.

Find Your Favorite

Some of the best coffees and teas have chosen RealCup™ single serve cups to power their beverages. Use our product finder to choose your favorite.

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Martinson® Breakfast Blend
Creamy and sweet caramel aroma and flavor. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Martinson® Caramel Crème
A mellow blend of coconut, caramel and chocolate notes is sure to be a favorite.
Martinson® Cayman Coconut
A decaffeinated coffee made from 100% Colombian beans.
Martinson® Colombian Decaf
Indulge in this delightfully rich & creamy hot cocoa beverage.
Martinson® Cup O'Cocoa
For the coffee lover who enjoys a robust, full-bodied flavor experience.
Martinson® Dark Roast
A perfect pairing of sweet vanilla and hazelnut, with hardly any caffeine.
Martinson® Decaf Hazelnut Vanilla
A mellow, easy-sipping cup. The perfect everyday coffee.
Martinson® Donut Shop Blend
Martinson’s deepest, boldest roast. A pleasurable way to start your day.
Martinson® French Roast
Hazelnut aroma and flavor with sweet creamy notes. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Martinson® Hazelnut Crème
Well-balanced flavor and rich caramel notes. An everyday favorite.
Martinson® House Blend
Aroma and flavor of Irish whiskey with cream, sugar and hints of almond.
Martinson® Irish Crème
An intensely bold yet balanced traditional Italian roast.
Martinson® Italian Roast
Extra bold yet remarkably balanced with a sweet, smooth flavor.
Martinson® Kona Blend
A match made in coffee heaven. Refreshing mint and mocha-chocolate aroma and flavors.
Martinson® Mint 'n' Mocha
An incredible blend of pumpkin & spice to stimulate your senses.
Martinson® Pumpkin Pie
Decadently delicious Tiramisu aroma and flavor. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Martinson® Tiramisu Twist
Velvety smooth vanilla flavor and lovely aroma. Enjoy hot or over ice.
Martinson® Vanilla Velvet
Martinson® Variety Pack
A flurry of sweet vanilla and caramel flavors ready to warm you up on a cool night.
Martinson® Winterfest
Dark roast with robust, intense flavor. Bittersweet finish, complex body.
Brown Gold® 100% Brazilian
Medium roast with hints of caramel and vanilla. Well-balanced finish.
Brown Gold® 100% Colombian
Smooth, mellow roast with subtle nutty flavors and a hint of sweetness.
Brown Gold® 100% Costa Rican
Exquisite citrus and delicate green tea notes with a unique floral aroma.
Brown Gold® 100% Ethiopian
Toasty smooth, medium body, low acidity, and just a touch of sweetness.
Brown Gold® 100% Peruvian
Brown Gold® Variety Pack
A sweet and earthy blend that’s sultry, smoky and deliciously smooth.
Marley Coffee® Buffalo Soldier
A burnin’ blend with the heat of natural chili pepper flavors, paired with dark chocolate.
Marley Coffee® Catch A Fire
A mild, yet sweetly balanced organic coffee with a hint of lemon grass on the finish.
Marley Coffee® Get Up, Stand Up
Organic espresso with hints of caramel and cocoa, along with a rich smooth finish.
Marley Coffee® Lively Up!
Variety Pack of 36 organic Marley Coffee® single serve capsules.
Marley Coffee® Mixer Variety Pack
A vibrant and fun medium roast that boasts cocoa, citrus and spice notes.
Marley Coffee® Mystic Morning
100% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe organic coffee with exotic floral and berry notes.
Marley Coffee® One Love
Smile! Our rich, signature blend has 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain® beans.
Marley Coffee® Smile Jamaica
Capture the reggae spirit with this naturally flavored rum coffee.
Marley Coffee® Spiced Root Rum
A favorite of coffee connoisseurs made with 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee beans.
Marley Coffee® Talkin' Blues
Traditional Masala Chai spices blended with premium black tea leaves.
Higgins & Burke® Chai Tea
A delicate blend of calming chamomile, uplifting mint and fresh lemongrass.
Higgins & Burke® Chamomile Tea with Mint & Lemongrass
The perfect blend of hand selected black teas from Asia, bergamot oil and lemon.
Higgins & Burke® Earl Grey Tea
Full-bodied Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas. A robust start to your day.
Higgins & Burke® English Breakfast Tea
Premium Sencha steamed green tea with lemongrass and lemon balm herb.
Higgins & Burke® Green Tea with Lemongrass
A brisk and fragrant blend of Ceylon, Kenya and other Orange Pekoe teas.
Higgins & Burke® Orange Pekoe Tea
A refreshing caffeine-free infusion of pure, premium Oregon peppermint.
Higgins & Burke® Peppermint Tea
Higgins & Burke® Variety Pack
Go on and have an adventure as you cross off your to-do list.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Bergamia Grey™
Go on and have an adventure as you drift the busy day away.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Chamomint Moon™
Go on and have an adventure with great friends over fun stories.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Kaziranga Chai™
Go on and have an adventure that sweetens your daily commute.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Lush Berry™
Go on and have an adventure before your morning workout.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Roaring Black™
Go on and have an adventure while you battle your inbox.
Higgins & Burke® Loose Leaf Tea Tame Dragon™
Kick it with this lively decaf blend that’s all flavor and no sacrifice. Exclusively offered on
Mad Monkey™ Kick-It Decaf
Take it easy with this lazy sipping light roast. A true weekend favorite. Exclusively offered on
Mad Monkey™ Lazy Daylight
A totally balanced, full flavoured cup with enough kick to keep you going. Exclusively offered on
Mad Monkey™ Midtown Medium
Bold, deep, dark, smoky and intense. Enough said. Exclusively offered on
Mad Monkey™ Swingin' Bold
A bold, rich and full bodied Viennese roast with delightful flowery notes.
Second Cup® Extra Bold European Blend
A decaffeinated delight, with subtle citrus aromas and long, clean finish.
Second Cup® Medium Decaffeinated International Blend
The rich body of this blend is balanced by the brightness of caramel notes.
Second Cup® Medium Mountain Blend
Enjoy the Tim Hortons® coffee you love, without the caffeine, or the café.
Tim Hortons® Decaffeinated Coffee
Enjoy Tim Hortons® famous premium blend coffee from the comfort of home.
Tim Hortons® Premium Blend Coffee
A medium roast that offers a fresh aroma and smooth taste.
Wolfgang Puck® Breakfast in Bed®
This divine light roast coffee is infused with a lush blend of hazelnut.
Wolfgang Puck® Hawaiian Hazelnut®
A medium roast blend infused with rich coconut and an island twist “mon”!
Wolfgang Puck® Jamaican Me Crazy®
There’s a hint of citrus flavor in this bright and rich medium blend.
Wolfgang Puck® Rodeo Drive
A Robust Earl Grey with subtle citrus notes of real bergamot oranges.
Aged Earl Grey™
This naturally smooth green tea embodies a subtle scent of organic jasmine flowers.
Jasmine Green
A light and lively organic blend with a sweet spearmint taste.
Moroccan Mint
A caffeine-free chai blend of rich rooibos and sultry spices.
Rooibos Chai

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